Multiplas is a leading industrial solutions provider that offers versatile moulding solutions, innovative design and manufacture for the production systems, and provides comprehensive technical support services to the customers commited in 3C (computing, communicating, and consumer electronics), electrical, automotive, medical/optical, and other technical moulding sectors.


Based on the extremely long experience, Multiplas creates innovative solutions for insert, multi-colour, multi-component, thermoset, LSR (liquid silicone rubber), powder, micro-injection, and in-mould-decoration (IMR/IMF/IML), as well as clean room processing systems for plastics, rubber, ceramic, and metallic etc. raw materials under either vertical or horizontal configuration.


Although quality is one of the vital weapens for Multiplas, its reputation is not only resulted from their persistence of best quality, but also from Multiplas’ constant improvement of production management and upgrading of manufacturing technologies.


Multiplas values full-customer-satisfaction through innovative design, performance, services and price competitiveness. Through years of efforts, Multiplas has established an excellent reputation in the worldwide plastic industries for particularly the dependability of products and services.