All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
Product No : Model-V3E-R-55T
Product Description
  • No oil pollution and low noise, particulary suitable for clean-room production.
  • Full electric system reduces energy consumption by 40~70%, and yet ensures fast speed, high precision, and excellent stability of operations.
  • Unique toggie mechanism evenly distributes clamping force over the mould surface.
  • Solid and low-inertial structure designed for high-speed injection particularly suitable for precision moulding.
Screw Diameter mm Ø25
Injection Volume cm3 59
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2000
Injection Speed mm/sec 300
Clamping Force ton 55
Mould Thickness mm 150~300
Mould Opening Stroke mm 250
Maximum Daylight mm 270
Diameter of Rotary Table mm Ø980